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Our Bread & Desserts

It all starts with our Bear Lake sourdough starter. This starter derives from wild yeast found on the berries of various Junipers on our farm. A mixture of two kinds of flour, water and these berries formed a strong starter that ferments our dough into a healthier loaf or pastry.

Our bread is made using simple ingredients like flour, water, and real salt. The bread is risen naturally by our Bear Lake sourdough starter. Each loaf is hand folded, giving the bread a light and airy quality. The loaves are proofed for hours, then hand scored and baked at high temperatures to yield a beautiful crust and delicate center.

The desserts are sweet, using high quality ingredients like raw cane sugar, local raw honey, organic fruit and nuts. Some desserts are naturally risen with our Bear Lake sourdough starter. All desserts are crafted by hand. The best place to try our desserts is at our farm stand during the Spring and Summer months. There we sell desserts in individual portions, for a great opportunity to try.

Not All Ingredients Are The Same

High Quality Flour

We only use high quality flour from reputable suppliers in the baking industry. We use organic, non-GMO, unbleached and unbromated flour. Our starter is also fed with a mixture of these high quality flours.

Grass-fed Butter

We only use grass-fed butter in our desserts. When in abundance we will use raw butter from grass-fed local cows and raw dairies.

Natural Yeast

We never use chemical yeasts, instead all risen bread and desserts are raised naturally with time by our Bear Lake sourdough starter. It is wild yeast derived from a wild Juniper bush on the farm.

Raw Cane Sugar

Although sugar isn't the best thing to consume, having it in it's least processed raw form is the easiest to digest.

Small Batch

We produce our baked goods in our home kitchen in small batches. Time and attention to detail are placed on everything we produce. It is an art as well as a science to keep our quality consistent for customers.

Local Raw Honey

We buy honey from various local sources produced by local bees. This will always add a variation to the sweetness depending on what the bees were pollinating on.

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