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This is for a deposit on a single whole bird from our 2024 flock share. These are limited in availability. The deposit is $5 + a transaction fee of 46 cents our processor charges. In person deposits avoid this fee.


By placing this deposit you will need to pay the difference when you pickup your processed bird. This deposit counts toward your final bill at pickup which will be between July and August 2024.


Birds average 3.5-6lbs and we measure by hanging weight at a rate of $5 per pound. Basic processing (shrinkwrapping) can be added per bird. Premium processing can also be added to save almost every portion of the bird without losing much.


Our Birds

Fresh Grass Daily

Moved daily to fresh grass. Grass serves as part of their fodder and a detoxifying agent. Chlorophyll in grass is a natural detoxifier in the body.


Slow Natural Growth

Most farms raise birds that are mature in 6-8 weeks, but they tend to have more health issues. Our birds grow gradually at 12-13 weeks and are more active.


High Valley Pastures

Like high altitude trained athletes, our chickens are at the peak of their fitness and health. Imagine the benefits you would get from these mountain birds.


Locally Milled Feed

Supporting our local economy is important to us. This is why we purchase and have our feed milled locally to keep our birds rooted to their local soil.


Higher Quality Breed

Cornish Cross is the typical breed of most farms, we instead favor a more forage friendly and high elevation breed that loves grass and higher activity levels.


Natural Spring Water

These birds are refreshed daily sometimes multiple times daily during summer with fresh natural non-fluoridated spring water from the mountains.

2024 Single Bird Deposit

  • When paying for a deposit on a chicken during our 2024 season, you are buying the live chicken. At the end of the season, the chicken can be picked up live at a lower per pound rate for you to process at home or keep. We offer to custom process the bird for our customers for an additional fee based on the level of processing you request.

  • There are two types of custom processing we offer to customers.

    Basic - $5/bird Organs, neck and feet are removed. Feet and neck are placed inside the bird and the whole bird is shrinkwrapped in plastic.
    Premium - $10/bird Organs, neck and feet are removed. The bird is parted into breasts, leg/thigh units, wings. Breasts and leg/thigh units are wrapped in plastic, then wrapped in freezer paper. wings are bundled together and vaccum sealed in a pack. The carcass, neck and feet are vacuum sealed for broth making. Organs are vacuum sealed for later use or pet food.

    Organs refers to the liver, gizzard and heart. All other organs are composted as inedible.

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