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Farm Fresh Eggs

Our Hens

Our hens are are free range and forage around the farm while being supplemented with our whole grain, vitamin rich feed. During the Spring and Summer seasons our egg production is high, producing bright orange to bright yellow egg yolks.

Fall and Winter production slows down and we usually suspend sales around this time to focus on caring for and planning for the future of our laying flock. Our farm fresh eggs come from a variety of species of hens: Barred Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Copper Rock Marans, Blue Gems, Red Star, Black Star, Golden Polish, and French Black Copper Marans.

This mixture yields a variety of beautiful color in every dozen eggs. Come by our farm or visit our seasonal farm stand to pickup a dozen farm fresh eggs, locally grown and packaged here in Idaho.

Not All Eggs Are Created Equal

Bloom Intact

Eggs are laid with a protective bloom or cuticle that prevents bacteria and impurities to enter the egg. It is this reason our eggs come unwashed.

No Bleach

Industrial egg production is done in some pretty dirty and confining facilities. Due to this eggs are washed in bleach. Our eggs are always natural and unwashed.

Rich in Nutrients

Our egg layers increase their protein intake during the Spring and Summer when the snow is gone. This translates into an egg that is nutrient dense and vitamin rich.

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