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  • Why do I have to sign a membership agreement?
    The membership agreement ensures that we are transacting in the private. This is important for many reasons, but the main reasons are to protect everyone's privacy as well as the customer and the farm and ensure that no agency can stop our customers from choosing what foods best serve their health and wellness.
  • How can I get my order?
    Members have two options: shipping and local pickup. If you are local to Northeast Utah, Southeast Idaho or Western Wyoming, it may be advantageous to pickup as you save money on shipping. Our pickups are done at drop off locations in Southeast Idaho or at our private farm in Paris, Idaho. During the Spring and Summer months if you would like to drive in from far and camp at the farm or stay in our associated rental locations, just reach out to us and we will help with accommodations. As for shipping, there is no solid answer on price until all weights and materials are gathered. We cannot provide an estimate prior to your order, but it's safe to assume that the larger and heavier the box and the faster the shipping the more expensive. Some items need to be shipped fast, some can be shipped slow and still be safe. Use your best judgement and always estimate a bigger bill when shipping is the chosen option. Just call or text us after placing your order to make arrangements.
  • Can we visit the farm where our food comes from?
    Members can visit the farms whenever they request. Simply reach out to us an we will be sure to be available to for tours or questions. If you would like to camp at the farm or stay in a local associated rental, please let us know and we can make arrangements.
  • Can my merch order be ready for pickup?
    Merchandise ordered from our online shop, like mugs, apparel, stickers, etc., are all made by a printer and drop-shipped directly to you. We have no way of gathering these orders from the printer and bringing them to a pickup location.
  • How much does the food cost?
    Prices can only be discussed privately with members. To find out, you must join the PMA, sign the membership agreement and pay the membership fee. Membership starts as low as $1! Once you're a member, you will receive the price list and menu. Depending on your level of membership, you may have access to the online store to preorder your food and this store will have prices as well.
  • Do I have to pay the membership fee before placing an order?
    Yes, the PMA only does business among our private membership. To order anything you must be a member.
  • How are you regulated?
    If regulations kept the consumer safe, America and Europe would be the safest areas of the world. Regulation does not make you safer as a consumer. If it did, there would never be food or ingredient recalls. Instead, what has passed "regulation" and is "approved" by regulatory bodies for human consumption are ingredients like aspartame, red dye #40 and other endocrine disrupting, carcinogenic, mutagenic, poisons and destructive ingredients masquerading as food. It takes an educated consumer to understand what is actually beneficial for them, versus what their government tells them is beneficial. Remember the food pyramid? Remember when doctors advocated smoking cigarettes? Remember when Thalidomide was recommended to pregnant women? Regulation, especially in America is a litany of what our government has gotten wrong for decades. These regulations benefit big business and big agriculture and disfavor the small food producers or farmers out of the market. Health is not the government's goal, it is CONTROL.
  • Who does your food inspection?
    We are inspected by the highest authority, the members of our PMA. The members of the PMA serve as our inspectors as they are allowed to tour the farm, ask questions and use their discernment when it comes to buying products from the PMA.
  • What kinds of food can we get from the PMA?
    There are many varieties of foods available to our members, the limit is your willingness and wallet. As an example, many members like to place weekly orders for things like eggs, milk and bread. Some other members prefer to order every couple weeks or month. Join the PMA to get a price list and menu of what we can provide to our members.
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