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Join us at the

Paris Community Market

Our market features farmers, ranchers, crafters, artists and businesses from all over the Bear Lake valley. Come and join us to see what Bear Lake has to offer.

Market Info


Paris, Idaho


Memory Park

North Main Street

Market Hours

May 8 - October 30

Wednesdays: 4pm - 7pm


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Attention Vendors

Our market goal is to create the most vibrant and well organized market in Bear Lake. We can't do that without high quality vendors that bring a variety of goods and produce. 

During the Spring and Summer seasons, Paris becomes more occupied. The population in the valley increases by tens of thousands and Main Street in Paris is a major corridor for travelers to and from Yellowstone and Bear Lake. The Paris Community Market strives to connect you with thousands of new potential customers.

We welcome farmers, producers, crafters and artisans to join.  Sell for the whole season, just one time or anything in between.  Attendance is flexible.

Local products wanted:


  • Fresh produce - vegetables, fruits, herbs

  • Meats - beef, pork, lamb, chicken

  • Eggs

  • Honey

  • Live plants

  • Fresh flowers

  • Breads and baked goods - using local ingredients is encouraged

  • Fruit jams and jellies - using local ingredients is encouraged

  • Handcrafted items - must be handmade by you from raw materials and reflect your own creativity and originality - nothing from a kit please - demonstrations encouraged!

Vendor fees for the 2024 season for a 10' x 10' space are:


  • Full season 27 markets $135 ($5 per market)

    • Full season vendors get featured online on our 2024 Vendors page​

  • Half season 14 markets $105 ($7.50 per market)

  • Third season 9 markets $90 ($10.00 per market)

  • $25 per market - attend one or a few (prepaid)

  • $30 per market (market day registration)


We encourage junior vendors to participate at a rate of $5 per market, children 17 and under with adult supervision would qualify.  It is great to be able to encourage youth entrepreneurship and give them a chance to try out their business ideas.


Non-profit and community groups may participate with an informational or fundraising booth at no charge.  These spaces are limited, so please contact us to get on the schedule.

Apply to be a vendor

Below you will find our Vendor Application and Market Rules for the Paris Community Market.  

You can download the form and mail to us or you can fill out the **ONLINE APPLICATION HERE**.  

Be sure to read the Market Rules below.  Let us know if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are vendor fees? How do they work?

This is addressed above, but as a quick reference.

Early Signups (prepaid by 4/30/24)

Full Season $5/market (27 markets)

Half Season $7.50/market (14 markets)

Third Season $10/market (9 markets)


Early Signup (prepaid a week in advance)

Single Market $25/market


Late Signups (on market day)

Junior Vendors $5/market (17 or under with adult)

Senior Vendor $30/market

Can I signup midseason?

You can signup whenever you want, however, your fee will be what is listed above. If you sign up mid season you will not be able to take advantage of the early signup discounts.

If I signup for a half season or third season, do I need to show up to 14 or 9 markets in a row?

Once you sign up and pay your vendor fee on time, you choose what days you show up. It could be 14 markets in a row. It could be every other market, that’s up to you. Your early vendor fee acts like a deposit and we’ll keep a spot ready for you should you choose to arrive and check in.

Can I get a refund of my vendor fee if I don’t sell anything?

All vendor fees are non-refundable. Before you sign up be sure you are willing to spend that fee and you will make an amount to cover your fees.

Why isn’t it free? Other markets are free?

Our sponsor is responsible for the following costs: City permits, event insurance, advertising/promotion, flyers, signs, banners, pre-setup, post breakdown and trash clean up, tax documentation and organization. All of these add up to about $2000 not including their time/labor. Your booth fee slightly offsets that cost to the sponsor, but no profit is being made as any extra will go to cover future markets or additional market days. The market is not a profit making venture, but a way to promote the valley, it’s people and businesses as well as network with others.

What do I get if I signup early?

Early signup gets you a lower fee per market. Full Season signups also receive direct promotion on our website and on Facebook. Early signups will receive priority or premium spots at the market after they check in.

Is it worth signing up for a full season if I don’t make much in sales?

That decision is an individual business decision and up to you. But, consider that from June through August, Main Street/Hwy 89 in Paris hosts significant amounts of traffic, business and other events. In fact, during the season we expect thousands of cars a day and around holidays tens of thousands of cars.

Do I have to stay the whole time?

No, you don’t even have to show up if you can’t or don’t want to. Many vendors stay until they are sold out, but you are only required to sign up, check in, setup your own booth in your designated area and leave at the end of the market. Some vendors sell out in an hour, other vendors may not sell out and stay until the end. It’s up to you.

Why do you need insurance if we sign a waiver?

Your waiver releases the market, sponsor and City from liability to your business, it does not cover any incidents that may occur at the market with customers or the city. The insurance covers our event and the City for liability from such accidents or incidents.

Does your event insurance cover my business and what I sell?

No, the insurance covers the event. If a customer has an issue with your products, we would advise you obtain business insurance to cover yourself. You may want to checkout FLIP (

Can I sell my goods at an open table (consignment)?

There is no open table to sell your goods at the market. Furthermore, it is unfair to our paying vendors to give a shortcut to those who don’t want to pay booth fees. The sponsor and vendors are investing a lot of time and money into this market and you should too. It’s only fair.

Can I split vendor fees?

Each vendor receives a 10x10 spot to setup. If you and another business want to share, you will both only be able to share this space, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. You both will need to fill out applications and note you are splitting one spot and you both must register with the Tax Board separately to ensure you are on the approved list we receive from them.

The 10'x10' isn’t enough space, can I have more space?

Each spot is actually measured to 12x12 to give you plenty of space, however, if you require more space or two booths, reach out to the Market Sponsor and we may be able to provide a discount so you don’t pay double the booth fees.

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