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Become A Member

Select a Membership Below. All memberships come with standard membership benefits.

Standard  Membership Benefits

Every membership comes with the following benefits:

  • Access to menu with prices and ability to order from the PMA's farm and member farms

  • Notification and access to any events, markets, classes and workshops

  • 1$

Foundational Membership

Get Invited

Help us serve more people and for that, be invited to a lifetime membership with all the benefits of our Premium Plus, in addition to the following:

  • Space at our market events

  • All classes, workshops, trainings for FREE

  • Ability to offer your classes, workshops, trainings to the membership

  • Coupon codes for further discounts on the merch store

  • Help with establishing your own PMA and creating the documents and membership agreements

The Requirements

As a farm, business, or individual you must provide land, storage, space, venue, labor, resources or something that enables Almus Farms PMA to serve the community and/or provides for additional membership or services.

Once you are invited, you will provided with a membership agreement. By signing and mailing it back to the PMA, you will then receive your benefits and can begin ordering from the PMA as well as utilize the other benefits you are granted.

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