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Raw Dairy

Our raw dairy products are coming soon...

Our Herd

We raise Nigerian dwarf goats, which provide small amounts of raw, naturally homogenized milk with the highest butter fat and cream ratio (6-9%) when compared to standard milk cows (3-4%). This raw milk is ideal for drinking and producing some of the best dairy products like goat cheese (chèvre) and ice cream as it's naturally sweeter than cow's milk.


As our ladies get ready to produce the finest quality goat milk, we are going through the permitting process to sell our raw milk and raw milk products to the general public. CONTACT US if you would like to be informed as soon as our milk becomes available.

Not All Milk Is Created Equal

Commercial Milk

All mass produced milk in the grocery store is pasteurized, but this process gets rid of most of the nutrients. They then add dyes, thickeners and preservatives, most of which are known to cause cancer.

Raw Milk

Truly nature's most complete food, raw milk, when produced cleanly can yield the best tasting and highest nutritional value when compared to store bought pasteurized milk.

Glass vs Plastic

Our milk is stored in glass and immediately cooled to preserve the nutrients and quality. Plastic can leach chemicals into the milk which may disrupt our naturally occurring hormones.

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