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Pasture Raised Poultry

Our Poultry

We aim to raise the most nutritious and best tasting chicken in Idaho. Our birds are pasture raised and moved daily. They feed on insects, grass from high elevation mountain valley pastures and the best whole grain natural feed we can provide.


This slow growing bird takes 12 to 13 weeks to mature and yields a higher quality bird when compared to standard pasture raised or conventional chicken in the grocery store. These birds are preferred by home chefs for being similar to heritage varieties.


The taste is not like anything you've tried from the store. The broth made from our birds yields an irresistibly rich taste, large amounts of collagen, minerals and other nutrients.


Try it once and you will never go back to standard commercial or even standard pasture raised chicken.

Not All Chicken Is Created Equal

Fresh Grass Daily

Moved daily to fresh grass. Grass serves as part of their fodder and a detoxifying agent. Chlorophyll in grass is a natural detoxifier in the body.

Locally Milled Feed

Supporting our local economy is important to us. This is why we purchase and have our feed milled locally to keep our birds rooted to their local soil.

Slow Natural Growth

Most farms raise birds that are mature in 6-8 weeks, but they tend to have more health issues. Our birds grow gradually at 12-13 weeks and are more active.

Higher Quality Breed

Cornish Cross is the typical breed of most farms, we instead favor a more forage friendly and high elevation breed that loves grass and higher activity levels.

High Valley Pasture

Like high altitude trained athletes, our chickens are at the peak of their fitness and health. Imagine the benefits you would get from these mountain birds.

Natural Spring Water

These birds are refreshed daily sometimes multiple times daily during summer with fresh natural non-fluoridated spring water from the mountains.

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