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Almus Farms Goes Public

To our dedicated members who have stuck with us we want to thank you.

After a member survey, Almus Farms is going from a private member's co-op to a full fledge farm business. We are hoping that all our paperwork will be settled by the end of the month.

Some Notable Changes

Orders can be called in, but all orders and deliveries will be suspended during Spring and Summer when we will be selling our farm products at farm stands located in Paris, Montpelier and possibly Fish Haven. Spring and Summer will be our most productive time with a wider array of offered products. If you do call in an order we will invoice you directly through text or email. You will be able to pay with a card, Venmo, cash or check.

We will now be able to accept new forms of payment. Along with the current accepted forms of payment cash and Venmo, we will now be able to accept checks and credit/debit cards. Along with the new accepted forms of payment we will now be required to charge Idaho sales tax (6%). Paying with card, online or in person, may require a fee that is factored into the price. Paying cash, check or Venmo avoids this markup.

Certain items, you will be able to preorder and pay online right from our website. We will give you a date and time when you can pickup. At checkout, if you are local, you will be able to request delivery for a fee depending on your location.

If an item is out of stock online, it's most likely not available for order and is limited to Spring/Summer season.

Our Goals

As a growing farm that offers, eggs, meat, dried goods, baked items and soon raw dairy, we would like to have a farm stand or store front in Paris open 24 hours a day and open to customers whenever they are in need. Paris lacks this kind of service for its locals. It used to have a grocery store, general store, multiple hardware stores and service stations, however, as of now these are all gone.

A store front or indoor farm stand with fresh meat, raw milk, dairy products, produce, coffee, tea and dry goods would do well to help the community from having to travel to Montpelier, Logan or Pocatello.

This goal isn't easy. Our initial estimates for adding a building with power, parking and refrigeration can be $20,000 or more depending on construction and permitting costs. In the meantime, we will be utilizing pop up farm stands during the Spring and Summer.

Pop Up Farm Stand

This Spring and Summer we are planning on running a farm stand pop up. In addition to the fresh baked bread, chicken, and eggs we plan on offering some additional items. The farm is looking into adding organic produce, tea, coffee and other dry goods. Our raw dairy may not be available until after summer, but by then we hope to offer fresh raw dairy and dairy products once we are approved by the state for our permit.

The dates and times for these pop ups are not set, but the first location we are looking into is Paris. Once we have dates and times we will post that information for our customers on this website and social media.

Again, we would like to thank our members and we still plan to offer some form of membership to our farm for additional perks and events. In the meantime we will reach out to our current members and update them on our new structure.

See you around the valley.

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