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With wild yeast captured from local juniper berries, we've created a truly unique Bear Lake sourdough starter that yields a terrific sourdough loaf. This artisinal loaf is made with flour, water, and real salt, then baked at high temperatures in a cast iron Dutch oven, creating a crunchy rustic crust.


This true sourdough, is a fermented bread. Many people who have issues with typical bread prefer eating sourdough as the simple ingredients aren't harsh on their stomach.


Our sourdough starter along with the bread flour we use is of the highest quality.


  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • unbleached
  • unbromated
  • no artificial flavors or ingredients

Bear Lake Sourdough

Expect the product to be ready in 3-5 days. We will contact you for pickup or delivery dates.
  • This product is available for shipping. Please CONTACT US and we will invoice you separately.

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